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Telehealth or Walk & Talk

If you’re looking for quality Private Counseling sessions with a licensed Mental Health Clinician that cares, then you’ve come to the right place. My goal is to help guide my client to self-actualization by helping them overcome the mental and emotional barriers hindering them from reaching their ideal self.


Present Centered, Future Focused

Life coaching services for those that want a less than traditional therapeutic approach but want the skills and insight of a licensed professional to help the maximize their mental and emotional capacity to reach their highest self. Present centered and  solution focused.


In all my work with teens, adolescents, and young adults, traditional talk therapy is not always the most effective approach. I have found that taking a more relational and relatable approach have been more successful in helping young people maximize their potential. If it’s a failure to launch, struggles with life transitions, or issues with execute functioning I work to see them as a whole person and not just a diagnosis and help them to see themselves in the same way.


When young person’s parents are an active part of the process, there is greater chance for them to  maximize their potential. Whether it’s gaining perspective to better help understand your young person or as a way to best support them, parent coaching can help relieve some of the stress that comes with parent an adolescent or young adult.


The family unit plays a major role in assuring your young person has the best opportunity to reach their greatness. We provide family session to help facilitate healthy dialogue, strengthen communication skills, and to provide a safe space for your yong person to better develop a voice for both at home as well as out in the world.