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Elevated Genius Solutions LLC's approach to therapy, coaching, and mentorship doesn’t simply focus on a diagnosis, but works to provide all of our clients with the tools needed to maximize their potential and self-actualize their goals. A common misconception is that one should only seek the help of a mental health professional at a point of crisis.

Don’t wait until everything is burning around you to seek professional help!

Whether you are seeking therapy to address depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress, or seeking coaching to help move your past your current state of stagnation, or parent of young person seeking mentorship to help harness and grow their genius, Elevated Genius Solutions, LLC has an approach fit for anyone committed to the process of soul-searching and self-discovery.


Johnnie L. Alexander Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Founder and CEO of Elevated Genius Solutions, LLC, based in Atlanta – here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. I truly care about my patients’ well-being and guarantee top of the line counseling and psychological services catered to their needs.

Since 2015, I have provided a number of specialized therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. Patient well-being is my number one priority, and I go above and beyond to help them through all their obstacles. Get in touch with me today for more information.